New World Perfumery

All of our redolent botanical fragrances are designed and blended in-house with organic hydro distilled essences, layered narratives, and bespoke espirit de Cognac. This rarefied perfumers’ alcohol is made by a twelfth-generation master distiller in Napa Valley and modeled after the spirit used to make perfumes in sixteenth century France. We never use synthetic essences, isolates, or flavorings of any kind. Our essential oils are distilled with an immersion method that captures the entire aroma profile of a plant or flower, including the fine, delicate aroma molecules impossible to capture with steam distillation. 

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Reviving The Golden Age Of Perfumery

Simply put, we are madly in love with botanical perfume, and we are equally smitten with our proprietary method of creating it. Our essential oils are distilled in either glass or copper stills with an immersion method called hydro distillation, predating the Industrial Revolution. This technique yields the full spectrum of aroma molecules present in a plant without leaving behind the finer aroma molecules that steam distillation does. The fragrances are blended in small batches and aged for six months in a base of our bespoke grape alcohol made in Napa Valley by a 12th generation master distiller. The batches are then meticulously decanted and bottled. We never filter our perfumes, as doing so would strip away aromatic nuances that add to the beauty of our fragrances. 

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A Botanical Fragrance Destination

Visit our boutique on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice California to experience all of our botanical fragrances in their truest element. Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis has also curated a selection of her favorite clean beauty and skin care products by like-minded brands. We look forward to welcoming you by appointment.

Please email to book a time with Grace, our clean beauty and scent specialist.