New World Perfumery

Redolent botanical perfumes designed and blended in-house with clean, hydro-distilled essences, layered narratives, and organic grape alcohol. We never use synthetic essences, isolates, or flavorings of any kind. Our essential oils are the result of hydrodistillation, an immersion method that captures the more delicate aroma molecules impossible to capture with steam distillation.

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Reviving The Golden Age Of Perfumery

We blend all of our organic, small-batch fragrances in-house, age them for six months, then meticulously decant and bottle them. Our essential oils are distilled in either glass or copper stills with an immersion method called hydro-distillation, which predates the Industrial Revolution. This technique captures the entire aromatic profile of a plant without burning away the finer aroma molecules that steam distillation would. These more delicate molecules are the plant’s truest source of beauty.

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A Botanical Fragrance Destination

Visit us at our boutique on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice California to experience all of our botanical fragrances in their truest element. Perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis has also curated a selection of her favorite clean beauty and skin care products by like-minded brands. We look forward to seeing you!

1138 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, Ca. 90291

Tuesday-Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-5

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