The Garden Journey Deck



The Garden Journey represents tarot’s evolution: from a practice of divination to a tool for self-reflection. Fusing tarot and floriography (the language of flowers), each of the deck’s 22 vibrant cards represent the archetypes of the Major Arcana and resonate with the symbolic energy of flowers. Meant to serve as a conversation piece and curio as much as to aid in personal reflection and self care, the deck offers an opportunity to cultivate your self-knowledge each time you embark on the ritual.

The Garden Journey deck provides all you need:

  • 22 card Deck printed on luxurious velvet-touch cardstock, featuring rich botanical illustrations and hand-marbled details
  • Guide Book offering an introduction to the tarot, an explanation of each card's meaning, and suggestions for how to take The Garden Journey
  • A handcrafted Keepsake box made with fine papers and silk ribbon to securely house both the Deck and Guide Book

    Made in the U.S.A. of FSC® Chain of Custody Certified materials.