The art of blending plant, flower, seed, wood, and resin essences into beautiful aromatic compositions is the art of botanical perfumery. Synthetic aromas and animal essences are never used. Unlike the aromatherapist, the botanical perfumer focuses principally on aroma profile, essence quality, evocative narratives, and the beauty of scent. A strictly botanical palette may seem limited as it excludes many synthetic renditions of inextricable essences like gardenia, lily of the valley, and violet. To the contrary, a discerning library of botanical distillates is immeasurably vast in nuances. Combined with inspiration, knowledge, and skill these nuanced ingredients can be designed into synergies that evoke an infinite array of impressions. An exceptional glass of wine can deliver countless aromas: honey, tobacco, leather, and acacia flowers, to name a few. If all of these aromas trace back to a single grapevine, imagine the potential in blending hundreds of alchemically distilled plants into a perfume.