Strange Invisible Perfumes

Poets In The Canyon


Aroma Profile:

Top Notes: Vintage lemongrass & Wild Basil 

Heart Note: California Lavender 

Base Notes: Organic Vetiver & Vanilla with Botanical Accords of Amber and Musk

Reserve Series ingenue Poets In The Canyon strikes and then softens like the first sip of cognac on a winter night. Its sumptuous, earthy sillage feels free-spirited and lived-in — perfect for all genders. 

Inspiration: The perfume takes its name from the poem that inspired it written by our perfumer and founder Alexandra Balahoutis. She turned to an exquisite flask of vintage lemongrass essential oil from Zanzibar that had been aged in pristine conditions for nearly 50 years…

“This essence was distilled from lemongrass grown in Tanzania in the 1970’s. It literally grew in the soil of another era! To me, that gives Poets (In The Canyon) such a genuine, bohemian spirit. I paired it with wild basil for complexity. I wanted the top notes to form a palatably sweet balcony of greenery that would glow over deep, earthy layers of vetiver, amber, and vanilla. This is my favorite Reserve Series perfume to date.”