Strange Invisible Perfumes

Lost Era


Reserve Series legend Lost Era is a botanical ode to the early twentieth century, a golden era of perfumery known for its dazzling, aldehyde-rich potions.

Lost Era features glamorous notes of night-blooming jasmine, iris root,  ylang ylang, rose, patchouli, and a few other mysterious beauties naturally abundant in aldehydes (naturally occurring aroma molecules that heighten and project the sillage of a fragrance). The impression of rose becomes bubbly and airy, green notes become even fresher, and gourmand perfumes feel soft and light.

Lost Era Eau De Parfume 50ml $385


*Our Reserve Series is a collection of rare edition perfumes produced in very small batches and released on a limited, discretionary basis. Like all Strange Invisible perfumes, Lost Era is hand-blended with biodynamic, wildcrafted, and certified organic essential oils and extracts, then aged in a base of triple-distilled, organic grape alcohol. Absolutely no synthetic aromas, isolates, or designed flavorings are ever used.