Strange Invisible Perfumes

Emerald Moss

Bright, clean, and velvety, Emerald Moss features gorgeous hydro distillates of Brazilian maté, fresh ginger, Temple mandarin, and first-distillation rose. A layered, distinctive blend perfect for men and women.


Our Reserve Series is a collection of rare edition perfumes produced in very small batches and released on a limited, discretionary basis. Like all Strange Invisible Perfumes, Emerald Moss is hand blended with biodynamic, wildcrafted, and certified organic essential oils and extracts, then aged in a base of triple distilled organic grape alcohol. Absolutely no synthetic aromas, isolates, or designed flavorings are ever used. 

Eau De Parfum 50 ml: $385.00 (Complimentary shipping)

*Emerald Moss is naturally rich in pigment and may present a subtle hue that will disappear after rubbing wrists together. Spray from a slight distance, allowing mist to settle on the skin from above, avoiding clothing.