Strange Invisible Perfumes

Emerald Moss Sample


Reserve Series legend Emerald Moss will be arriving this holiday season, and we’ve set aside one hundred samples to be sold in advance of its release! Purchasing a sample of Emerald Moss also entitles you to an invitation-only opportunity to buy the fragrance before its actual release. Each sample is $9.00, which will be put toward your purchase of a full bottle. 

Bright, clean, and velvety, Emerald Moss features gorgeous hydro distillates of Brazilian maté, fresh ginger, Temple mandarin, and first-distillation rose. A layered,
distinctive blend perfect for men and women.

Our Reserve Series is a collection of rare edition perfumes produced in very small batches and released on a limited, discretionary basis. Like all Strange Invisible Perfumes, Emerald Moss is hand blended with biodynamic, wildcrafted, and certified organic essential oils and extracts, then aged in a base of esprit de Cognac custom-distilled from grapes. Absolutely no synthetic aromas, isolates, or designed flavorings are ever used. 

Eau De Parfum 50 ml: $385.00 (Complimentary shipping)

Gifting With Confidence…

Present this sample to anyone you may want to spoil this holiday season! Stage a ruse or ask them flat out. Either way, you’ll know for sure if Emerald Moss hits the mark!

*Emerald Moss is naturally rich in pigment and may present a subtle hue that will disappear after rubbing wrists together. Spray from a slight distance, allowing mist to settle on the skin from above, avoiding clothing.